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Do No Crime - Panel at the United Nations


Today, peacemakers, peacekeepers, and peacebuilders operate in highly complex and fluid strategic environments where groups with clear criminal agendas have a major impact on conflict dynamics, peace processes, and postwar transitions. There is a growing recognition of the close connections between organized crime and conflict, and of the impacts of illicit flows on sustainable development.

What do we know about these connections, and how we can ensure that UN interventions disrupt them, rather than promote them?


Ms. Teresa Whitfield, Officer-in-Charge, Policy & Mediation Division, United Nations Department of Political Affairs


Dr. James Cockayne, Head of Office at the UN, UN University, and author of Hidden Power: The Strategic Logic of Organized Crime (OUP, 2016).

Dr. John de Boer, Senior Policy Advisor, UNU Centre for Policy Research, and co-author, with James Cockayne and Louise Bosetti, ofCrime-Proofing Conflict Prevention, Management, and Peacebuilding: A Review of Emerging Good Practice

Mr. Steven Dudley, Co-Director, InSight Crime

 Followed by a moderated Question and Answer Session.